Hidalgo Lodge’s Fall Hunting Season 2017 Newsletter

It only gets better, this will be a fun season with many birds to bring you the best pass shooting you ever can experience. The El Fuerte valley has increased its fields of planted grounds with more peanuts, sesame and milo. More great food means fat slow flying palomas.

  • Our Dove Hunting Season Opens November 1st. 2017
  • Dove Hunting Season closes March 10th 2018
  • White wing, Mourning Dove, and the great Blue Rock Pigeons.
  • Our Fishing Season Opens October 1st. 2017
  • Bass Fishing Season closes May 30th 2018

Our Large Mouth Bass are waiting for you. No relaxing here, just hookup after hookup, with vivid top water action like you, never have seen. Our lakes water has tested at a solid 7.0 which is the perfect ph that water can be. Pure water, plenty of food provides for big healthy fat fish.

Time to start planning your Vacation, pick your dates and contact your shooting friends. Call our reservations office to get your tentative dates. Everyone at the lodge will be happy to see you once again. Don’t forget to invite some new guys, pilgrims are always fun to have around, we think you know why. The fun just never quits.

New News:

Hidalgo Lodge has a new office, Faviola Nieblas will be handling your reservations and answering your questions.

Mailing address: Hidalgo Lodge
902 W. River Lane, Santa Ana, Ca. 92706
NEW Phone: 951-255-7693

Airline Information: The Great New CBX cross border express bridge Otay Mesa, Ca. direct into the Tijuana Airport. Volaris airlines (www.volaris.com) has direct flights TIJ-LMM 1:35mins.

Also Tucson to Los Mochis via Aeromar Airlines (www.aeromar.com.mx) and Aereocalafia (www.calafiaairlines.com) will have flights this fall season.

Otay mesa California now has a new direct bridge from Ca. direct to the airport across the border. With parking on the U.S. side. All customs and immigration are handled smoothly with no long waits. Volaris airlines of Mexico has direct flights from Tijuana to Los Mochis and we will pick you up at the airport. Online check out the details: Tijuana Airport Bridge. It’s really cool. Some folks fly to San Diego and a taxi to Otay Mesa. For more information on the new bridge go online at www.crossborderxpress.com.

Hidalgo Lodge will always show you a great time. HUNTING and FISHING with no lost Motion!!

See you this season,

Lupe & Manuel Nieblas
902 W. River Lane
Santa Ana, Ca. 92706


Name: E-mail: Phone: Yours for good hunting and fishing; Lupe and Manuel Nieblas. RESERVATIONS OFFICE: HIDALGO LODGE 902 W. River Lane Santa Ana, Ca. 92706 USA Call: 951-255-7693

Now is time to make your reservation early. This year is looking good, the small grains are planted and the birds will be plentiful. Hidalgo Lodge offers the most enjoyable dove hunting vacations. USA Call 951-255-7693. Mexico Call: 011-521-668-113-0729

Please fill out your e/mail address info. And return with your deposit.

All this for only $500 per day!

Call now to plan your great hunting and bass fishing vacations in Mexico with us.

USA CALL (951) 255-7693
MEXICO CALL 011-521 (668) 113-0729
E-Mail gnieblas@hidalgolodge.com.mx